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Ode to the Union Special

Here's a great tribute from our friends at Raleigh Denim. 

We read manuals, talked to retired industry vets in the North Carolina mountains, we took things apart and put them back together. And as we did all this, we fell in love with those older machines. We were making jeans with the tools that people in America used to build America. The machines were so well-made we can still use them generations later. Each machine does something specific and singular. Along with the other details and techniques we insist on, our collection of well-loved old machines makes our jeans look and feel like Raleigh Denim.

The Union Special 43200G chainstitch hemming machine is our favorite one. 

Endurance Without Compromise

PRESIDENT’s is a contemporary Made in Italy menswear brand. We make garments that will endure for years without compromise in contemporary style.

The brand was originally founded in 1957 by 7 Bell S.p.A, a Tuscan atelier with an illustrious history, founded by the grandfather of current creative director, Guido Biondi. 7 Bell has long been known for its superior quality garments and was the very first producer of Italian denim.

From time to time, we collaborate with esteemed brands from around the world who share our passion for meticulous quality and world-class saper-fare in function, form, and materials. With every collection, PRESIDENT’s combines tradition with research to make true contemporary classics, Crafted in Tuscany.

A Modern and Basic Mix

We Norwegians is an apparel company, based in Voss, Norway. Focusing on the design, distribution, and marketing of premium wool products.

Norwegians are wrapped in soft, wool blankets as new-borns, and we continue to wear wool as we grow up – Through out the year. The idea behind We Norwegians is to take the natural benefits that wool have, and make garments that have a natural technical function as well as a contemporary design. The designs are a mix of modern basics and traditional, Norwegian knitting patterns.

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