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Custom Clothing

at Joseph’s

While we have the largest collection of Ready-to-Wear suits and sport coats in Maine, we also have multiple options for customers who want something a bit different. Our skilled staff has over 100 years of experience fitting custom items, and a master tailor on site to make any tweaks. Whether you need a full suit, jacket and trouser separates, or just a perfectly fitting shirt, we have a custom option for everyone.

Custom Suiting

Jack Victor


Jack Victor, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has been in business since 1913. Their Tru-Measure program is one of our most popular. We walk you through the hundreds of options for fabrics, along with the dozens of linings, buttons and other details. Made-to-measure suits start at $1,200 and Sport Coats at $975. Delivery time from purchase is 3-4 weeks.



Based in Rochester, NY; Hickey-Freeman has sat at the top of American menswear since they were founded in 1899. With an extremely flexible Made-to-Measure program and a Hand Tailored “Bespoke” line, Hickey-Freeman is great for the man looking for the best and unwilling to compromise. With a huge array of premium fabrics and trims, and cuts ranging from totally breezy and unstructured, to structured and razor sharp. Prices start at $1,895 for a suit and $1,395 for a sport coat.

John H. Daniel

Autumn 2019 Swatches; Harris Tweed, Yorkshire Tweed, Alshan Cashmere

Autumn 2019 Swatches; Harris Tweed, Yorkshire Tweed, Alshan Cashmere

For the man who has something very specific in mind, or the one who has found it tricky to find properly fitting items even in Made to Measure, we have a full custom program from John H. Daniel out of Knoxville, TN. The most comprehensive program short of a full bespoke fitting by a master tailor, John H. Daniel is able to create a perfectly fitting suit for anyone. Whether you have an esoteric design in mind, or just find it hard to fit an extremely athletic or portly frame, John H. Daniel can make it. Prices start at $1445 for a suit or $1145 for a sport coat.

Custom Shirts

Skip Gambert & Associates

Our made-to-measure shirts represent a great value, starting at $185 for a perfectly fitting shirt with a minimum order of two shirts for the first order and no subsequent order requirements. We walk you through the over 100 options for fabrics, buttons, cuffs, collar, and details. We take your measurements, and 3-4 weeks later your custom shirt arrives! After your first shirt, we keep your measurements and preferences on file so you can re-order shirts by just picking a fabric.

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